Are Trees Intelligent?

Do trees talk-Why does nature make us feel serene and more peaceful?

Trees and plants emit oil to protect themselves from germs. Visiting forests can decrease blood pressure, help depression, decrease stress hormones and even reduce cancerous cells in the body. The fragrance that the plants emit helps us in many ways.

This is sometimes referred to as forest bathing.

Do trees communicate?

Sort of!

While they may not have human-like communication abilities, trees actually help out and support each other through a vast network under the ground. These networks are made up of fungi and tree roots that intertwine. The network is sometimes called the wood-wide web. Through these, the trees send nutrients and food to one another. They are also used for sending warnings to other trees when danger approaches. This is an example of symbiosis – which means that 2 or more organisms live in harmony and help each other out whenever possible. This shows that trees may be much more intelligent than we think.

If attacked, a plant will either release toxins to repel the attacker or instead attract predators so that the attacker gets eaten! The amazing fragrance of freshly cut grass is actually a distress signal sent out by the plant.

Here’s a video that briefly explains the concept. This video is by Fusion.

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