Can a handful of dirt save us from Climate Change?

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For people below 10 years old

The first thing you should understand is that there is way too much carbon in the air. The extra carbon starts trapping heat from the sun and heats up the earth. This is called Global Warming (or Climate Change). Now, normally, all of this carbon would remain underground, as plants take in carbon dioxide to make food, and pump it into the soil so that bacteria has something to eat. But nowadays, all of that carbon has escaped into the air and made the air polluted!

So how do we solve this problem?

When we plant trees, we make sure that the carbon stays underground and makes all the bacteria healthy. So get out some shovels and seeds, and start planting!

For people above 10 years old

The soil originally had a lot of carbon in it, which was great for micro-organisms that thrive with carbon. Approximately 1,500 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide has been released into the atmosphere, where it causes major problems for us – like global warming. Soil is filled with live forms. In fact, a handful of soil contains more organisms than all the living humans in the world!

They’re mostly filled with micro-organisms like protozoa, fungi et cetera. They enrich the soil and make it healthy. In turn, the carbon keeps them healthy too. It’s a wonderful cycle. Since plants use carbon dioxide in photosynthesis, they pump it into the ground

We rely on healthy soil for 95% of what we eat. When soil is damaged it releases the carbon into the atmosphere. The soil in most places around the world have already lost about 50% of their original carbon.

Have you heard of the Paris Agreement? It was an agreement to reduce greenhouse gases. They said that if we increase soil carbon by o.4%, we could make the world a much healthier place.

So how do we solve this problem?

  1. Plant trees ( A LOT OF TREES)
  2. Do NOT use fertilizers to do away with insects.
  3. Do use composts and natural Khaad (Indian Term).
  4. Try growing a diverse range of plants instead of just one kind.
  5. Spread word about these problems concerning soil.

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